Welcome to the Caring for Communities of Color

2020 Conference!

This virtual, interactive conference aims to uplift and amplify the community of clinicians doing health justice work in primary care settings in Southeastern Michigan. Our intention is to educate future healthcare professionals and connect them to this community, and to build a longitudinal network of care clinicians centering the health needs of communities of color in their practice. We hope for this to be a long-term space for us to stay accountable, drive consistent reflection and improvement on addressing BIPOC health needs, and to reimagine how we at the University of Michigan can best support communities of color.


Thank you all so much for your support and interest of the 2020 Caring for Communities of Color Conference! While we have closed registration for participation in the conference itself, each of the sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. We will also be hosting additional dialogues throughout the year to continue these conversations. To receive links to those videos when they become available, and to be notified of any upcoming dialogues we hold, please subscribe to our email list below.

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