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2021 schedule

Please note, the schedule may be subject to change. Expanded information about each workshop will be added shortly. We look forward to seeing you all there!

 9:00-9:30AM ET 
Welcome & Keynote Address

Dr. Rama Salhi, MD, MHS, MS

 9:30-10:15AM ET 

An intersectional framework for providing justice in care

  • This session will be an introduction to the concept of intersectionality, its origin, and its application to patient care as a foundation for participants to build and reflect upon throughout the conference. In addition to a brief teaching on the concept itself, we will also walk through a general framework for adjusting ways in which clinicians gather information about their patients, assess their own individual competencies in caring for patients of color, evaluate the safety of their clinical spaces, and further brainstorm gaps in their practices that can be addressed to provide more comprehensive, trauma-informed, holistic care. 

 10:15-10:30AM ET 

 10:30-11:30AM ET 

Safety and security in Black and Brown bodies

  • This workshop will explore the theme of "Home" through an intersectional lens exploring how one's identities impact their experience of safety and security. Through facilitated dialogue by UM School of Social Work Professor Daicia Price and our inter-professional round of panelists, participants will reflect on the ways in which healthcare professionals can be complicit in reinforcing structural violence against patients of color and how we can ensure that everyone feels safe.

​ 11:30AM-12:30PM ET 


Uprooted: Exploring the experience of destabilization among unhoused peoples

  • Home as Place will discuss discrimination faced by persons experiencing homelessness in the healthcare setting, as well as the effects that COVID-19 has had on this population. We will hear experiences from the patient, health care worker, and activist perspective to better understand the barriers to seeking healthcare in these communities. Participants will leave this session with a new understanding of the everyday challenges met by individuals experiencing homelessness, the stigmas they face when seeking care, and how to better advocate on their behalf.

 12:30-1:15pM ET 

 1:15-2:15pM ET 

Developing collective consciousness: Understanding the value of community care

  • This session will explore the theme of intersectionality and the interconnectedness of people through the lens of communities. In the first half of the session, panelists will share insight on their efforts to build trust within different communities and their own experiences within their personal communities. In the second half of the session, the audience will explore why caring for and understanding the importance of community is vital to caring for people’s health and wellbeing. This part of the session will include questions leading to thought-provoking discussions to further explore how healthcare professionals can utilize community as a way of connecting to the patients they serve.

 2:15-2:30pM ET 

 2:30-3:30pM ET 

Shared responsibility: The impacts of environmental racism on human health

  • Home as Planet will discuss environmental justice and the impacts of environmental racism on human health. We will explore the impacts of climate change and environmental racism in BIPOC communities through lived experiences of students, academics, and activists. Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of the intersections between climate and health and with steps that they can take to ensure equitable, socially conscious health care in their communities.

 3:30-4:00PM ET 

 4:00-4:30PM ET 
Close Out & Call to Action

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