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Thank you for your interest in joining the 2021 Caring for Communities of Color Conference team! Most of the application prompts require 200-300 words each. Please save your responses on a separate document before submitting. While the following applications do have a space for submitting a resume or CV, your resume will not be used against you in any way; it will only be used for us to contextualize the experiences discussed in your essays. If you are applying to more than one position with us, you are welcome to reuse your responses for each section.

Eligibility: Applicants must be either (1) students enrolled in a graduate/professional course of study in the state of Michigan, or (2) a working professional in the State of Michigan, or (3) a BIPOC member of the metro Detroit, Ypsilanti, or Flint communities. We are currently exploring roles for undergraduates in our conference.



Suggested Prior Experience/Skills: 

  • Organizational leadership or entrepreneurship experience

  • Capacity for logistics and organizing (scheduling meetings)

  • Technological skills and familiarity with Slack, Trello, Google Drive/Calendar

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 5-10h/week

Role & Responsibilities: The administration arm of CCCC oversees and coordinates the execution of the conference, facilitating communication between various other arms of the organization and outlining a vision for the conference during any given year. This role necessitates both leadership and organizational skills, and demands the greatest amount of time. Organizationally, the administrative arm of the conference will set group, individual, and subgroup meetings in addition to interfacing with prior conference planners (advisors), members of the Community Advisory Board, and Career Professional Advisory Board. We are recruiting at least 3 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills: 

  • Prior workshop design experience strongly recommended

  • Experience in education, social justice/health activism, social justice and deconstructive pedagogy, community outreach, presenting, mentorship etc. would be helpful but not necessary

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 1-3h/week (more initially than later)

Role & Responsibilities: The workshop design team collaborates with speakers, advisors, and peers to design all workshops throughout the conference. This may include creation of new content and frameworks for attendees regarding various health activism topics, research, making slides/documents/materials, and training speakers and moderators for facilitation of the workshop. We are recruiting 3-4 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills:

  • Take initiative to create posts from information and sources that are deemed as necessary to share in a timely manner

  • Creativity in coming up with a diverse array of posts to share

  • Familiarity with posting to Instagram and Twitter is helpful; however, this can be easily taught. 

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 1-3h/week

Role & Responsibilities: The marketing team is responsible for searching and synthesizing information in order to design Instagram and Twitter posts and stories, and for routinely managing and updating our social media accounts. Posts can be inspired from national dialogue, local events and resources, BIPOC work and stories that need to be highlighted, team biography posts, etc. We are recruiting at least 3 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills:

  • Grant writing

  • Connections with community and student organizations

  • Budgeting experience 

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 1-2h/week

Role & Responsibilities: The funding team is tasked with searching out and applying for funding sources to support both conference operations and speaker honorariums. Additional responsibilities include delivering those honorariums, maintaining the SOAS account, building department and alumni relationships to increase donations, and maintaining and updating the budget sheet accordingly. We are recruiting 3-4 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills:

  • Organization skills

  • Time management

  • Experience with Excel. 

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 3-5h/week (with less initially and more closer to the conference)

Role & Responsibilities: With regard to speaker communication, responsibilities include: sending out the initial speaker interest form; solidifying sign-ups for specified workshops and following up with the speakers as necessary; working with the Workshop Design Team and Administration Team to send out calendar invitations to each speaker once workshop assignments have been determined; working with the Marketing Team to collect bios and other relevant information from the speakers; and assisting in organizing conference run-throughs with the speakers. With regard to attendee communications, responsibilities include: monitoring the conference gmail account for inquiries from attendees and responding or forwarding to the appropriate parties; sending out workshop selection forms to attendees; and working with the Tech & Operations Team to ensure that conference logistics are communicated to attendees appropriately. We are recruiting 4-5 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills:

  • Connection to SE Michigan community (grew up in community, schooling etc)

  • Community service experience (volunteer, activist, organizer)

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 1-3h/week

Role & Responsibilities: The community outreach team is tasked with regularly reaching out to the community advisory board, scheduling meetings and phone calls to stay apprised of community needs, and collaborating with the faculty advisory board and research team to guide research questions. We are recruiting 3-4 individuals for this position.


Suggested Prior Experience/Skills:

  • Common troubleshooting issues with presentations, microphones, and sound systems

  • Ability to plan for potential issues and think through best options for how to conduct various parts of the conference

  • Must keep in mind the attendee experience and ways to improve the experience.

Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 1-2h/week, 3-4h/week in the month leading up to the conference, on-call or present during the entire conference.

Role & Responsibilities: The technology and operations team is responsible for ensuring that the conference runs smoothly by gaining familiarity with the conference venue or live-streaming platform, creating contingency plans for aspects of the conference that may go awry, and training people as necessary to handle additional tech needs. We are recruiting 2-3 individuals for this position.

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